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Walmart, military ID, and personal checks

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by GunnyGene, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    In wallyworld this morning w/wife picking up a couple things, and got in line at the checkout behind a guy and his wife about my age (70+) who was trying to pay for his stuff with a personal check. Walmart policy (posted on the counter) is that military id is acceptable for this purpose (out of state also, so didn't have a MS DL). But there's a hitch. The register system doesn't like anything other than SSN on your military ID.

    As the military folks here know, DoD quit using SSN's on ID's several years ago because of identity theft concerns, etc. Apparently wally's programming didn't get the memo.

    The cashier called a manager to over-ride the system, but apparently it cannot be overridden. So here we were, 2 old vets and our wives holding up traffic, while the cashier and her boss tried to make the system do something it refused to do, and everyone getting more steamed by the second. Eventually, the guy just dug out some cash, which I offered to help him with since it looked like they were a couple dollars short, but between him and his wife they came up with barely enough to cover their purchases so he refused my offer.

    Me, I'd have just told the store to stuff it and gone someplace else.
  2. Quickeye

    Quickeye Member MSGO Supporter

    The wife's DD 1173, same; no SSN. Tri-care for life users/providers use the Benefits number on the non-picture side instead of the DOD ID. 'Round here(Greenwood Hosp & docs and CNP's use it too. Apparently, ambulance service too.