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Walther P1 9mm now C&R eligible

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mgeoffriau said:
Love the quality, but the trigger ruins it for me. Same reason I got rid of my SIG P6. A bad trigger just ruins a gun for me. Not fun to shoot.
Boy ain't that the truth!
I expect most military hand guns to have a lousy trigger, The P-1 didn't disappoint in that regard and mine shot so high it was a joke. I purchased this one several years ago when they were selling for around $180.00 so I did fine on the resale earlier this year. It was a very early P-1 that was also marked P-38. Excellent condition and the holster looked near new. Too bad the trigger was so lousy and the front sight was way short.

FWIW, my CZ 82 is probably the biggest turd of a gun I've ever owned, and I've owned a few. It shoots well enough and the trigger isn't horrible, but it stuffs up once or twice per magazine and that's completely unacceptable. I ordered a set of 3 different Wolff springs but that didn't help at all. Recoil from the 9x18 in that gun is much stouter than you'd imagine. After 500 rounds down the pipe I hate mine.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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