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Walther P1 9mm now C&R eligible

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P1 = Pistole 1; first post-war pistol "authorized" by the western powers for the West German military to use; a P38 by pre-war designation. Good, solid 9mm NATO pistol, but with generally horrible DA trigger, so-so (luck of the draw) SA trigger; most I have seen were carried more than they were fired. To me the more interesting ones are those designated a "P1" for export by the German government which were in reality P38s captured from the Wehrmacht but used post-war by the Kasernierte Volkspolizei, barracks police, Germans armed for police work but kept in barracks in the Soviet Zone of Occupation( East Germany), which have the East German markings...hopefully some of those will slip in with the P1s...
There are actually some out there with shortened barrels courtesy of the East Germans / Soviets; also with shortened slides / barrels for using a suppressor. See Dieter H. Marschall's book "Handguns of the Armed Organizations of the Soviet Occupation Zone and German Democratic Republic", English version of the original, from Ucross Books. The original is titled "Die Faustfeuerwaffen der bewaffneten Organe der SBZ/DDR". I might add this book is a "must have" for the serious cruffler (holder of a curio and relic license).
Too bad you had a bad trigger on your P6; mine is veerrry smooth DA and excellent SA; Doug Bowser has one even nicer than mine...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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