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Walther P22 and sig mosquito at Academy

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i saw both of these pistols at academy today onsale for $288 just thought I should let yall know.
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Read my post in the mosquito thread, they havent fixed all the flaws by a long shot. No way will i ever again buy a gun made out of potmetal.
They still are...mine had numerous problems. I had a lorcin 380 that was less of a pos than this thing. Ill never ever buy anything made of potmetal again. Dont know what i was thinking buying that pile... ill stick with a real gun from now on.
Mine wouldnt feed anything, barrel was short chambered it appears and the feed ramp wasnt cut right either. I fixed some of its issues and got it where it would occasionally work with shorter bullets. I gave up and sent it back, sold it as soon as it came back.Apparently it works now... i wont be taking another chance on one though...ever. These just arent designed to be durable... Ill stick with ruger from now on.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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