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Been lookin at bolt guns. There are a lot of options out there. I've looked at howa, remington, T/C, and savage.

There are certain things I want but not sure how each of the different brands stack up against each other.

Here is what I want:
Price of $750-$1000
22-250 cal
Heavy, floating barrel
Aftermarket support
Capable of maintaining accuracy over many rounds during a range session
Something I could shoot a tournament with today and coyote hunt with tomorrow.

Don't really know much about bolt guns so all you gurus, educate me. :D

Some of the things I've seen that I like/ dislike are:

Howa. Not sure of the name but its the "tactical" looking rifle.
Pros: looks really cool, weatherby action (so I was told), heavy, long barrel, good price


Remington 700 vtr (triangle barrel):
Pros: remington, price isn't bad, feels good. Lighter due to barrtel design

Cons: if I must list one, its not tacticool.

T/C icon
Pros: heavy barrel but gun is light. scope rails intigrated into receiver. Nice looking laminated wood stock (altho it isn't tacticool). Nice feeling action.
Price is on the high side for what I want to spend (just over $1000 for just rifle).

Pros: inexpensive, accustock, accutrigger, great performance in an affordable package

Cons: whole gun looks "cheap", trigger feels cheap and flimsy, altho it has a great rep.

So there is what I've gathered. Any other suggestions out there?

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Everyone says the savage is the best bang for the buck but it was my least favorite of all I've looked at. Wife says I have expensive tastes. Maybe she's right? The steyr 308 was my favorite but the lack of 22-250 caliber and $2000 price tag kinda kills it for me. Lol

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LOVE my savage 7mm rem mag! BUT it has a very thin barrel and quickly reaches surface of the sun temperatures, so unless there is a heavy barrel model out it may not be the gun for you. Mine is a 116L (I believe) so it's lefty with SS barrel and synthetic stock, but is a pre-accustock model. However I LOVE the accutrigger! Do not let it fool you! It's amazing, especially for someone with hands like me who shakes like my 84 year old grandfather, it breaks so easily you barely have time to make a mistake.

Obviously not the model you're looking at, just trying to vouch for the quality of the company, and when I had to send it back for warranty work one time 4 days before they closed for a couple weeks of inventory I got my rifle back in 3 days.

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Ditto on the Savages...... and on the Accutrigger... the new version of the trigger is supposed to be better also..... but mine are in larger calibers than you're wanting... 243, 308, & 300wsm...

HOWEVER, I also have 2 Rem 700's, one is good (7mm Rem Mag), one is perfect - my most accurate rifle....(7mm Rem Ultra Mag)

So, you know the obvious answer is to buy one of each.... then sell me the one you like less for a discounted price!!!!


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i have a R700 .22-250

It use to shoot good, ive burnt the lil pencil barrel out tho.

Last good time it shot i hit 2 crows at 450yds with one shot :lol4:
Chest shot on one and ripped the tail feathers off the one behind him.

Time for a new barrel now tho.. :tears:
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