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Want to build a berm

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For several months I've been toying with the idea of putting a little range here on my 1 1/2 acres. I've located a spot that will give me 75 yards, maybe a little more. The natural terrain gives me better than a 8' rise to the property line, about 15' to the horizon in my neighbors dormant pasture. I google-mapped the line of fire, and there's nothing but the occasional road for miles. I think I'd be very comfortable with a berm about 9' tall by 8' wide, considering the existing grade. I'm going to have a backhoe out here shortly to rebuild my septic system, so if that bid comes in low enough I may piggyback this project onto it.

One question is how much dirt do I need? Earlier I did some research and came up with 20 - 24 yards. Sound about right? How many yards in your average dump truck? Any ballpark on the price?

Should I get any certain type of material, being concerned about angle of repose among other things? How much compaction? Any other thoughts, ideas, concerns I should consider?
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im not sure but you might be able to dig into the 'hillside' and get some of the dirt you will need. if your impact area is below the 8' rise you wont need to much dirt.
msredneck said:
Been there done that....

Depending on the lay of your land...cut one out of the side of a hill...Of course depends on how much dirt you gotta move to get the whole thing fairly flat

Don't forget to make ya a shooting platform to shoot from...if ya wanna shoot rifles prone

Figure 2 days at $100 an hr

Main thing is you need a good dozer man...I know the best in Hinds Cty

pm me if you need more 411
$100 an hour is kinda high. I know a man that did my work that's $75 hour.
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