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Want to build a berm

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For several months I've been toying with the idea of putting a little range here on my 1 1/2 acres. I've located a spot that will give me 75 yards, maybe a little more. The natural terrain gives me better than a 8' rise to the property line, about 15' to the horizon in my neighbors dormant pasture. I google-mapped the line of fire, and there's nothing but the occasional road for miles. I think I'd be very comfortable with a berm about 9' tall by 8' wide, considering the existing grade. I'm going to have a backhoe out here shortly to rebuild my septic system, so if that bid comes in low enough I may piggyback this project onto it.

One question is how much dirt do I need? Earlier I did some research and came up with 20 - 24 yards. Sound about right? How many yards in your average dump truck? Any ballpark on the price?

Should I get any certain type of material, being concerned about angle of repose among other things? How much compaction? Any other thoughts, ideas, concerns I should consider?
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SubGunFan said:
If only you and your wife are shooting there (very controlled shooting), how about 1 or 2 of those large round hay bales. Much cheaper than dirt and no EPA issues later on (haul the bales away and replace then). If you are worried about the possibility of a 30-06 going through a bale, place 2 bales back to back. I would think hay bales would last at least 2 years before time to replace. Round hay bales are big and should give plenty of target area.............

So two big haybales will stop a 30-06. Man, that sounds like the ticket. We're seriously considering selling here and moving to Rankin county next year, closer to work (and the range :) ). Lots easier to dispose of/explain hay bales than a big pile of dirt. Pretty sure I won't go beyond a 30-06, probably not many of them. And lots cheaper than $300 worth of dirt and the tractor to pile it. Anybody see any flaws with this plan?
Looked at the Market Bulletin last night...running from $20 (erosion control...read old & crappy) to around $45 (high end horse hay). Sizes vary, too. 4x5, 5x5, 4x6, etc. Delivery extra I'm sure.

Still, for maybe a $100, I can be blasting away. I like it.
Oh, what's with the plywood? Why not just use my usual target stand with cardboard?
SubGunFan said:
the neighbors don't see old targets in the backyard...... :)

Neighbors ain't gonna SEE much...in the woods mostly...but they're gonna HEAR plenty! :lol4:
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