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Water Line Break Could Mean No Water in Vicksburg for 5 Days

Discussion in 'Press Talk' started by LeansVeryRight2016, May 19, 2017.

  1. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    The NG could use their potable water trailers to help.

  2. granjack

    granjack Distinguished Poster

    We have several rural water districts in Warren County (including where I live south of town) who are sharing water for the city. We have been asked to limit our water use (no lawn watering or car washing, etc). Volunteer fire departments will provide water to fight fires, and I am sure the 412th Engineers are providing whatever support they can.
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  3. stewbaby

    stewbaby Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    The refinery and all those on the harbor are SOL right now for sure.
  4. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Anybody else see a relationship between white flight" and "deteriorating infrastructure"?

    Notice Jackson's administration and their deteriorating streets, water systems, etc.

    Notice Vicksburg's administration and their deteriorating streets, water systems, etc.

    Nah, couldn't be. Must be Trump's fault.
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  5. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    No water for 5 days huh? Gonna get pretty stinky around there.
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  6. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    The greatest problem is that EVERY place to eat in Vicksburg is closed: Whataburger, Shoneys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, McAllisters, etc.

    I heard that Subway was still open. They never used water in Subway anyway. ;)