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I am thinking he meant WMA which Turcotte is a MS Game and Fish Managed wildlife area. Public use requires a yearly permit for you to hunt and I guess Turcotte has a area to shoot as well.

If you have a Lifetime Hunting Liscense you do not have to pay a fee to use WMA's.
Does anybody have any current information on ranges within a reasonable drive of Jackson that are not Turcotte? I don't feel like paying the new range fee and driving all the way up there to shoot in a huge crowd and wait in line when I could pay a range fee elsewhere and have better accommodations. I can't seem to find anywhere else around though.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Welcome to MSGO I'm in the Rez area and drive down to magnolia rifle and pistol, its in Byram. They have a thread on here under clubs.
drmadison78 said:
Welcome to MSGO I'm in the Rez area and drive down to magnolia rifle and pistol, its in Byram.  They have a thread on here under clubs.
Thanks for the tip bill check them out. Got a new rifle that I'm itching to shoot.
Be advised its a lengthy process you have to go to a range safety class before you join. They have a 300 yard range though.
Ran across a place in south Jones county today.  Tall Creek Shooting Sports.  It has a pistol range, a rifle range and sporting clays.  Didn't get a chance to take a close look.  I did meet the owner, Tommy Easterling.  A nice fellow.  I think he told me it was $10 a day per shooter (but don't hold me to that).  He provides a couple of different types of targets and mentioned that he had metal targets on the pistol range.  139 Long Branch Loop, Ellisville, MS  39437.  601-520-8831.  That's Tommy's cell.  Give him a call and he'll meet you there.  He must live close by because I pulled up to the place to read the sign and he was there within minutes (and I hadn't even called).

This is not an endorsement, just posting because I remembered folks in the Petal area asking about local ranges.   :sunny:
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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