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Hammer said:
[color:f5e4=red Welcome to MS Gun Owners! ] [/color]

I am Hammer, the forum Founder and Administrator.

I am from Yazoo City, MS. :D
Welcome to the forum! We are happy to have you join us here. Enjoy yourself!

No wait, I joined you.
Heck enjoy yourself anyway!

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Someone is Here

determined451 said:
here I am...is anybody else here? D-451
Pshaw! We gotta give it a chance to grow, it's new, after all.

I am massair, the gun guy who fixes new-fangled underhood car problems (like Mass Air), by shooting them first, then fixing them.

Got a problem with one of those new fairy-tale vehicles, ask me! We can get to the bottom of it!


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I love weapons of all types. Right now am heavily involved with my reloading press.

Member of MSFOA and NRA

Have been on the receiving end of a drive-by shooting...wife got hit in face with shotgun pellets. 20K worth of surgery later and she is fine.

I have been strapped down ever since.

Just like American Express..."Don't leave home without it"

Ya'll be nice to me on the forums :lol!:

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dale langford said:
hey yall glad to be here thank yall for the website new to computers wife said i would like it she was right (dont tell her i said that)
It will be our secret ... Welcome aboard!!
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