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Wet Tumbling

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Does anybody use dishwasher detergent in their wet tumbler ? I have considered it it cleans really well and has a waterspot additive . Any opinions ?
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I used Dawn and a pinch of Lemishine for years but switched to a car wash liquid a couple of years ago and it does well without any water spots. Also leaves a slight film of wax which prevents tarnish during storage. I also used to dump the wet, rinsed brass in a flannel pillow case and give a good shake for a couple of minutes to dry which worked fairly well but upgraded that process to a Frankfort Arsenal dehydrator that I picked up on sale for $50ish a couple of years ago.
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Less expensive??
My gallon of carwash liquid has lasted several years so far and has years left in it. If I had to guess I'd say it has washed 40 to 50K cases. If you're worried about a few dollars difference every 3 to 5 years your budget is a LOT tighter than mine and I'm a cheapskate LMAO
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