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What A Way To Start The Day

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I did not shoot very well when I went to shoot Saturday. I could not get comfortable at my friends make shift bench and I kept moving at the point I pulled the trigger. I hit paper out to 500yds and when I shot right I hit it at 600yds but that is all I can say about a very poor day of shooting. I will bring my own bench next time but I had fun shooting with Jerry, he is a good friend.

So, with that bad shooting day in my craw I decided to make sure I had my hunting load tweaked like I like it. So, on my way to work this morning, I stopped by the range to sight-in my rifle with my hunting load.

I had fired 60 rounds through my rifle and decided last night to clean it before I went to the range this morning to sight-in and also to foul my barrel with five rounds for this hunting season. I believe my rifle, load and me are ready for this year. What a way to start my day, having a five shot group like this out of a completely clean barrel. Sure says a lot for the quality of barrel on my 300Win Mag 116 FHSS Savage Weather Warrior.

165gr HPBT 3220fps

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