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What can you shoot uspsa with??

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Hey I've Been telling everyone about the fun I had at the comp. Last week and I got several people (uncles,friends,dad,father inlaw) that want to come watch and or maybe try what are the rules about gun size or caliber can you use any production gun ever produced?? And what are the rules as far as holsters any holster will work as long as it covers trigger guard I'm guessing? And I'm sure mag pouches don't matter as long as they hold your mags??? Let me know what you guys know
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Second that: Chances are they can probably come out with something they already own.
Well since Bryant is gonna show us all up with that post I don't know how much more we can add!

The guns you mentioned: The 9mm Browning (Hi-power maybe?) will definitely work for a new shooter that doesn't want to go out and buy a new gun before they know if they like the game or not.

By Colt 45, do you mean a 1911 made by colt? Or a .45 Colt (or Long Colt depending on who you ask) revolver?

If it's a 1911, he's halfway to a single-stack setup!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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