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What can you shoot uspsa with??

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Hey I've Been telling everyone about the fun I had at the comp. Last week and I got several people (uncles,friends,dad,father inlaw) that want to come watch and or maybe try what are the rules about gun size or caliber can you use any production gun ever produced?? And what are the rules as far as holsters any holster will work as long as it covers trigger guard I'm guessing? And I'm sure mag pouches don't matter as long as they hold your mags??? Let me know what you guys know
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Thanks, guys.

Following up on Will's post - he makes some good points and asks some good questions. There are four models of Brownings on the list that would be legal for Production Division - the BDA, BDM, PRO40, or PRO9. If it is a regular Hi power, it wouldn't technically be legal for Production due to the single action trigger. It could be shot in Limited 10 or technically in Limited, but it would be scored minor.

The Taurus .40 could most likely compete in several divisions. It is most likely Production legal unless it is single action only. It would be scored major in Limited 10 or Limited, but round count might be an issue in the latter. I am not sure what type of basepads are available and what kind of capacity can be obtained.

Like you mentioned, the .32 is too small. It would not be easy to be competitive with one even if it was legal, and it would probably cost more to shoot it than the more typical calibers. I agree with WillM on the Colt .45. If it is a 1911, it would have a perfect home in Singlestack or could shoot in Limited 10 with 10 round extended magazines.

Of course when I first started shooting, Open and Limited were the only two games in town, as Limited 10, Production, and Revolver were just getting started and Singlestack wasn't even on the drawing board yet. Local shooter Tommy Cabell was still shooting a Singlestack 1911 with 10 round magazines against the high cap guns in Limited, and he was always near the top of the results if not on top.

Another thought is to double up and have several people shoot the same gun. If the RO's are told, they can separate you be a couple of shooters so that mags can be reloaded, etc. If each shooter has their own belt, holster, and pouches, it is not a big deal to share the gun. Just something to consider.
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