What did you load today

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  1. onlymaroonmatters

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    Spinoff from thread- what did you shoot today

    250 rnds 300BO with Barnes 110 TACTX and H110

    Was wanting to insert sign clip art saying: thread useless without pics. But not there. So...post pics
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  2. Soonered

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    Loaded and shot 405 grain Shooters Bullets in a 45-70 with 13 grains of Trail Boss. Sighted in my 1895 guide gun with a ghost ring for hogs at 50 yards. Getting 2" - 2 1/2" groups which is all I can do with the ghost ring. Plan on using it on short range hogs in the palmetto's in the swamps...here piggy, piggy, piggy.
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  3. Southern Reloading

    Southern Reloading Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Getting ready for season!! 28ga Winchester AA hulls, 14.6 gns of Longshot, Claybuster 5034 wad 3/4 oz 8.5 shot!!!
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  4. cs700

    cs700 Distinguished Poster

    Trying to tweak a load for my 6br with Berger 95gr & Reloader 15. Also loaded some more 6BRX for testing at 300, Sierra 107 MK with Reloader 15.
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  5. 22lrfan

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    6.5X55 for my Swedish Mauser's. Getting ready for the milsurp shoot on SuperBowl weekend. :)
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  6. Shrek

    Shrek Distinguished Poster

    Loaded some 45ACP, tested them today. After lunch going to start loading them up. Will post a picture later.
    Was going to try some 12ga but...
  7. 427notch

    427notch Distinguished Poster

    Loaded 75 178gr A-max 308 and pulled bullets on 50 175gr smk in nato brass then loaded 50 175gr smk into some good FC 308 win brass.
  8. nonnieselman

    nonnieselman Nocturnal Specialties

    I loaded 10 rds of 6.8 with the new nosler brass and 105 grain Cavity Back Bullets.
  9. turable.shot

    turable.shot Distinguished Poster

    Saturday...50 rds 38Special, 100 rds, 9mm.

    Was running a bit low, and did not like some of the demonstrations,
    That happened Friday.
  10. wllmkttrll

    wllmkttrll Distinguished Poster

    Only 10 :hmm:
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  11. Sorry to hijack, where are the palmetto's located? I am looking for a place to hunt some piggy's myself. Trying to do govt/public land until I can find a place to lease.

    Thanks for any response and recommendations!!!!
  12. 22lrfan

    22lrfan Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Isn't it obvious? 10 piggy's is a truck load. :)
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  13. Southern Reloading

    Southern Reloading Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    OK OK already!! You got combination, come swap it tomorrow!!!
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  14. wllmkttrll

    wllmkttrll Distinguished Poster

    combination,that trusting :)
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  15. SubGunFan

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    Done Saturday and Sunday........

    5 Groups of Short Shells.jpg

    Short Shells (lengths).jpg

    More playing with short shotgun shells. A combo of slugs, buckshot and round balls.

    Mini Shells (side).jpg
    Shot some of my first batch of 1-5/8" slug shells Saturday. Yes, I did have a few feeding issues in the Mossberg 500. Accuracy was not an issue....... :)

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  16. canebreaker

    canebreaker Distinguished Poster

    No reloading. I received a large flat rate box of mixed brass from a member off of a facebook group. I mailed 500 223 bullets today for the swap. I can't get on facebook on this Mac so shipping to her return address and can't send tracking info. Small flat rate box is now $7.15, wish I could have shipped saturday.
  17. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Reloaded 5 .223 rounds. Problem is was in a hurry and could have ended up with a stuck bullet. Had one I missed putting powder in . Heard a click waited, then ejected. Pulled the bullet and , look no powder. Thing is I never heard the primer go off either, and if it would have went off I would have figured I would have a stuck bullet right now.
    Will be using a light and verifying each load for now.
    Target was about 20 something yards, red dot, right at dusky dark.

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  18. stewbaby

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    Yeap, one of the most underrated reloading tools...

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  19. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    I can tell you I understand it's use now. I need me a funnel also to pour the powder into the casing with. Something I never thought of but see the need for. Or a die to use my powder dispenser.
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  20. wllmkttrll

    wllmkttrll Distinguished Poster

    slow down and watch what you be doing:)
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