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What do i need now.

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Ok. I got the dillon square deal b in. It sustanded some damage during shipping (possibly before shipping) anyway...dillons warranty has kicked in an replacement parts are on the way. But while I'm waiting, the question is...what else do I need?

I know I need Calipers - any brand or does it matter?

I know I need scales - suggestions?

Do i need a tumbler?

What reloading book do I need to get?
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KNOWLEDGE!!! :lol3:

I bought the RCBS Chargemaster(?) 750. It is the scale only. I assume the Square Deal includes a powder thrower. Tumbler is good if you want clean brass. You could spend a bunch of money before you even get started! Is there anyone near you that you could work with before you get started? It would help to try some stuff out before you buy!
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