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What do i need now.

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Ok. I got the dillon square deal b in. It sustanded some damage during shipping (possibly before shipping) anyway...dillons warranty has kicked in an replacement parts are on the way. But while I'm waiting, the question is...what else do I need?

I know I need Calipers - any brand or does it matter?

I know I need scales - suggestions?

Do i need a tumbler?

What reloading book do I need to get?
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ftsibley said:
Big Mike, are you located in Oxford? if so when i get home i will check and see i have recently updated some of my reloading manuals and would be happy to let you have some of the ones that i replaced. I think i have hornady, noslar and maybe a barnes manual and probably the book ABC's of reloading. I am located in Marks (45min west of Oxford) but i am in that area pretty reguarly if you want i can drop off the books for you.

Wish I was bro. I an hour the other side of Oxford from you. thanks though.
Just to let you guys know. I sent dillon an email with a list of the broken parts. This is the email I got in return.

"No charge part(s) on the way!

Thank you,
Dillon Precision Products, Inc."

I dig it.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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