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What do i need now.

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Ok. I got the dillon square deal b in. It sustanded some damage during shipping (possibly before shipping) anyway...dillons warranty has kicked in an replacement parts are on the way. But while I'm waiting, the question is...what else do I need?

I know I need Calipers - any brand or does it matter?

I know I need scales - suggestions?

Do i need a tumbler?

What reloading book do I need to get?
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Get a Lyman Reloading manual...and read it...several times....Then go guy another book...maybe the Lee and read it...several times

You'll need a vibratory tumbler and some walnut media.

A el cheapo hand primer sure is handy

some cartridge gages for your caliber is very nice

an RCBS or Lyman powder scale

digital calipers Frankford Arsenal el cheapos are fine for now

start seprating your brass in various calibers

start saving plastic coffee cans

Get that reloading bench built....

what you'll need most of is PATIENCE...too many folks want it all NOW.....

speed kills..which is why I usually don't recommend a newbie start with a more complicated Dillon progressive...I believe in learning to reload on a single stage till you get familiar with the process....but what you have is fine.

Find you someone up there that can help you....a mentor

Go slow...be carefull and have fun
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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