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What do you think is the best military issue knife

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I would have to say the British Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

Though known as the FS Fighting knife, this was not designed to be a knife fighting knife, but primarily designed to be used in silent killing actions such as sentry take-outs. The techniques of effective use were taught to various special forces at Highland training centres such as Lochailort Special Training Centre (STC) and Achnacarry, which was the Commando Basic Training Centre (CBTC) from 1942-1945

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I've read the Besh wedge was all the rage with Spec Ops troops now.

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nhstk02 said:
Although I have no clue, I can only wonder how silently anyone could kill another with a knife?
Saw a guy get stab at a convenience store when I was in HS, wasn't nothing silent about it.
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