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What exactly does "force-match" mean re C&R?

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What exactly does "force-match" mean re C&R?

I think I know, but I'd like the experts to weigh in. I see it referred to in an awful lot of C&R rifle descriptions and I'd like to know how important/unimportant it might be -

Thanks all -

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Re: What exactly does "force-match" mean re C&R?

It's important for collectability and resale value but not necessarily important for a good shooting gun. I wouldn't want a non-matching bolt or barrel, but often times small or unimportant parts are force matched.

A classic example is the magazine floor plate on a Mosin Nagant.

Many C&R guns were rebuilt at the depot level at some point during their life. Worn or damaged parts get replaced and are remarked, left unmarked, or force matched to the serial number on the gun's receiver.
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