What is going on with the MHP on permit renewals?

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    I just received my renewal packet a little over 2 months before my existing license
    expires and NOWHERE in the packet is there any mention of the supposed over age
    65 discounted permit fee but it appears that all the fees have significantly gone way
    up across the board. So I went down to the MHP headquarters on Woodrow Wilson
    to ask and the know nothing idiot I talked to claimed that no such discount ever
    existed. Realizing I was facing a hopeless case of DA bureaucracy at its best
    and being short on time, I simply left and plan to return to talk to someone there
    in a supervisory position when I have a day totally free to sit interminably to get
    an audience with my whoever I suspect will regard me as their inferior but will
    hopefully get this cleared up for me, I know due to recent events that I actually
    no longer need the permit to carry but I like to have it for when I purchase
    a firearm through an FFL instead of a person to person transaction.

    Anyone else gotten such a deficient packet lately when it was their renewal
    date? I'm guessing that some nitwit in the MHP assembled the packet
    erroneously and just sent it out without verification that it was a current
    and complete packet.
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    Says $52 in the link , but I think they are adding a finger print fee of $32 to the 20 making it $52.
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    If you do end up having to talk to someone in a supervisory position, I'd start with Jeff Nester.

    Jeff Nester
    Firearms Permit Unit
    1900 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
    Jackson, MS 39216
    Phone (601) 987-1575
    Fax (601) 987-1547
    Email jnester@dps.ms.gov
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    Yeap they do the same with getting regular permit for first time, list total $112, $80 permit +$32 fingerprint fee
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  7. You are correct, Rig.

    In H.B. 786/Mississippi Criminal Code, Section 45-9-101 amended, Section 2 (12) (a) (iii) -- which is lines 311-313 -- it states the renewal fee for those MS residents 65+ is $20.00 ... plus the costs for processing the fingerprints 12(a)(1).

    $20.00 (renewal fee for residents 65+) + $32.00 (fingerprint processing costs) = $52.00 total.

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    If I'm gonna pay to get fingerprinted, guess what? Some sob is gonna do their job and fingerprint me. And guess what. They say FPs don't change. Mine did a few yrs ago when I shortened my thumb up on a table saw.
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    I got 2 thumbs like that...LOL
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    Last time I went in to the MHP in Jackson to renew my CCW permit, the guy tried 3 or 4 times to get my finger prints and couldn't get them.

    He finally gave up.

    He said that it is not unusual for an old guy's fingers to be so smooth that they cannot get useable finger prints.

    I made a joke (which he didn't think was very funny) about old men being able to shoot somebody without law enforcement guys being able to get their prints off the gun.
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    Dang, Bubba. Did you do both thumbs at the same time, or did you not learn from the first one?
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    That reminds me of a old guy I worked with at sawmill. He cut a finger off. Few days later the safety committee (myself and 3 women) was doing a investigation. I asked what happened. He said I was doing this and this, then cut another finger off.
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    Don’t guess he learned very much.
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    I went to the place on Woodrow Wilson and renewed mine yesterday. See attached.

    $20 for over 65 renewal.
    $32 for fingerprinting
    $52 total

    Everybody was nice and friendly.

    I had to sit about 45 minutes with all of the driver's license renewal folks.

    Capturing my finger prints took maybe 10 minutes before the man got 3 or 4 good ones and kind of gave up on the rest.

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