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what is the law about shotgun pistols

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saw an episode of sons of guns the other night when they cut the barrel and stock down on a side by side 20 gauge...called it a leopard gun. just got me to wondering what the law is about barrel length if its a pistol?
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Still the same as if it had a full stock on it I'd think. 26" overall length minimum, with a 18" barrel before it has to start going through the red tape.

Now I've heard two theories that account for the legality of Judges and the like.
1) barrel has to be rifled and it's legal
2) has to be interchangeable with a pistol/rifle round, like the judge with the .410/.45lc.

Don't know which theory is true though. I could be off on my measurement regulations, but it's been repeated so much on here I don't think I am
Ha for $195 more I'd better be able to choose if I want a buttstock or not! Never know with the gov regs though
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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