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What is your opinion on a Franklin Arms Binary Trigger

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I have seen one shoot. Pretty impressive.
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Be fun. If I didn't have to pay for it and pay for ammo. I'll spend that money on another dang gun. Or more ammo. Or other extras
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That was my thoughts about buying another gun with the money, But I thought also that they are legal now, who knows down the road. They would be awesome up close but I would rather have a traditional trigger when shooting at targets 100 yards and farther. I guess with practice, most people would get better using them but that could indeed use a lot of ammo.
I have 2. they are a lot of fun and a great way to burn through ammunition at an alarming rate. They are functional but, for me, very inaccurate at high fire rate.
I'd spend the money on a nice light aftermarket trigger and ammo for more range time. Then can work on improving skills and faster trigger finger too, that will be better across the board for other guns without a binary trigger
Before mine was lost in the lake, I really enjoyed it, I had to play with buffer weights and springs to get it to run well at speed, but once I got it setup right it never had any issues. Mine was installed on a 10.5" no name build before I lost it. I also got mine on sale I think it was around $300. I wouldn't pay $400+ for one, though because its not something you can fully utilize shooting at a public range that doesn't allow rapid fire. They are fun as heck though no denying that, and if you keep your bursts short (2-4 shots) they will stay on target fine, but I'd have to buy more ammo to be able to get accurate on longer bursts.
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