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What makes a 6.8 so special?

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So I read a lot on here about the 6.8. And I see a lot of people want a rifle in 6.8. So what makes the 6.8 so special that so many want one? Note: I know I could have googled for an answer, but I like reading ya'lls feedback.
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I have both and both the guys nailed the answer,
to 250 to 300 yds they about the same, the 6.8 is a great deer round under the 300 mark , but if you wanting long range accuracy the 6.5 is the gun .

The 6.5 needs a longer barrel to get all out of it , where the 6.8 doesnt.
The 6.5 is the way to go if you looking for long range, the 6.8 wasnt made for anything over 300 it was made for stopping power out of short barrel guns.

The 6.5 grendel /264 LBC was build to get the most out of a AR 15 and as a long range round.

The brass is no problem Hornady and Lapua has them all over , the Hornady is like $30 something for 50. You can also find factory rounds at a few pretty good places.

Here is some pretty good reading on the 6.5 if you havnt already seen this.

That is no real good info there , the 6.5 wasnt made for short barrels, it will never hit its full protienal from a short barrel.

Thats like shooting a 338 mag 16" barrel some guns just dont preform to there full protiental out of short barrels.

Anything on the 68 forums will tell you its the best rd.

Like i said i have both and both or great for what they were made for, But the 6.5 will shoot circles around the 6.8 at the bench and long range as well,,, with both guns being built to get the most out of them.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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