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What Rifle to buy for Benchrest shooting

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I always wanted to try benchrest shooting and think now is the time to start. My main question is what rifle to buy, any recommendations? I would like to pick something in .308 and stay under $1,000 (not including optics). I appreciate the help.
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Thanks for the information. I may have used the term "benchrest" a little to loosely. While I would love to get into the competitive side of the sport eventually, I mainly want to compete against myself. I love to reload and would be very proud to cover three holes at 100 yards with a dime. I haven't been able to accomplish this with my M1A (most likely because of the guy pulling the trigger). The furthest range we have at my club is only 200 yards. The reason I've been leaning towards a .308 is simply because I currently reload the caliber and therefore have lots of supplies and some familiarity with it.
A local pawn shop has a Remington 700 SPS Tactical (heavy 20 inch barrel) .308 for sale. I believe I can get it for around $650 (is this gun worth considering). I thought that if I bought a 700 then I could trick it out as I got better. I've heard good things about the Savage and will certainly do some more research on it. In the end I want something that will drive tacs at 100 and 200 yards right out of the box with the right ammunition that can be upgraded as I go for around $1K. I have a Nikon Monarch Scope (4-16x50) that I plan on using.
Again, thanks for the help and please keep the opinions coming.
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Great advice. Richard, you're right, I need to go to one of these competitions and participate. This is how I got into USPSA Practical shooting. Entered...got "spanked"...got hooked. In finding a gun to start out with all options are still open. One option I came across on the internet is the Remington "700SS 5R Milspec". According to the articles I found it is one of the most accurate .308 out of the box (see links below). Is anyone familiar with this gun? The cost is around $900 and appears to have everything a beginner would need. My thought is that the gun can be modified once I am no longer the limiting factor. Or, if I get into the sport and find that it's for me then I'll be willing to spend the money on a custom setup. Thoughts?



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