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What Rifle to buy for Benchrest shooting

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I always wanted to try benchrest shooting and think now is the time to start. My main question is what rifle to buy, any recommendations? I would like to pick something in .308 and stay under $1,000 (not including optics). I appreciate the help.
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Stay within your budget. Get something, go shoot, get spanked and learn some stuff. You'll be o.k. Have fun and you can up-grade when you see what really works for you. I saw some interesting suggestions on 6mm benchrest's site a while back that might work for you. The Savages can be switch-barrel rifles if you want to play with different calibers. Talk to the folks at E. Arthur Brown (Eabco) for starters. Do I really need an $8,000.00 paper punch ? A .308 might win if you shoot against other .308s. Communicate with X-ring and go shoot an F-Class at Bogue Chitto. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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