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What Rifle to buy for Benchrest shooting

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I always wanted to try benchrest shooting and think now is the time to start. My main question is what rifle to buy, any recommendations? I would like to pick something in .308 and stay under $1,000 (not including optics). I appreciate the help.
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My 2 cents....

I certainly don't know what to recommend...but I do know that 1K won't get it....not even close....that might cover your optics...but probably not...

I'd recommend buying a Rem 700 action...putting it away for a rainy day.....you and your gunsmith are gonna be good buddies...and He's gonna be richer for it...but you'll have a lot of fun

then go watch a few matches...see what its all about...save some funds and then go for it when you are ready....that's kinda what I'm doing...I need to get my fat butt down to the next F-class match July 24 and see what's up

Savage makes some very nice rifles but they are all gonna need some "tweaking"

The benchrest game is vastly different than F-class....

F-class sounds a lot more "laid-back" to me than benchrest...I'm not interested in adding to my stress level......

Good Luck with what you decide to do...

Think we got some folks on here that really know their stuff so I'd stay tuned...I'm trying to soak it all in myself

I have a 308 build "in process" but its goona be in F class F/TR which is 308 and 223 only...I gotta learn to shoot 600 yard targets before I can imagine what the BR folks do,its still hard for me to get my mind around it.....one step at a time
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The other issue Geaux is...I don't think there are any BR matches in MS...think you gotta get your road trip shoes on if you wanna shoot those...TN, La, AL

There's another thread on that was posted a few days ago

course none of that answers your question I guess...you could just buy a BR gun and go plink...aint nuttin wrong with that :thumbup:

that's pretty much what I'm gonna end up doing anyway....

Now I'll shut up....

for a few minutes :lol4:
For what you are describing I'd jump on that SPS at $650...man there are many things a smith can do to improve it later on down the line.

A rechamber/rebarrel job aint all that much $ if you decided you wanted a different caliber later on...

a 20 inch barrel might be a tad short...but what do I know?...The US military is about to go to shorter barrels on their sniper rifles because of the need to use them in more of an urban setting..

Savage makes great actions and rifles as well...its a toss up...I'd take either

as far as scope..I'll assume you have side focus or parallax adj in that 4-16x50....I have several...they are fine at 100-200...but they just don't have enough internal adjustment in em to get you on at greater distances...They just aint made for it...

and soon you will desire greater magnification...say up to 22X...I'm not sure if beyond 22 buys you much in F Class

I was happy as can be... till I shot a NF 5.5 - 22 x 50

Of course it aint fair to compare a $1800 NF to a $400 Nikon hunting scope

Don't forget them rings and bases....20 MOA bases are in order at greater than normal hunting distance

I'm gonna give a Bushnell Tactical Elite 4200 6 - 24 x 50 a try ...I've shot a friends and I liked it...its a price performer

check em out at

I'll shut up now :lol3:
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Or you can find beater 700's and Savages around and just "rescue" them...

I've bought em as low as 2 Benjamins...

but Oh the fun you can have picking out...

stocks,colors of paint for the stock, cheek pieces (adjustable/thumbwheel), butt plates, swivels (external vs recessed) magazine wells, floorplates, trigger guards, barrels, barrel length, twist rate, flutting and other designs for barrel, tweak 700 trigger vs buy a Jewel, Scope Bases (10 MOA, 20 MOA), rings....optics...optics is a course in science all by itself...MOA vs Mils...reticle choices...

you kinda see where this is going...try deciding on this stuff for 5 or 6 rifles at the same time

shot x-rings .308 today a fine rifle...

Thanks for letting me pop a few X-ring
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