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What Santa brought me...

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Seeing as how I just logged on for the first time last night, I figured I'd post something to brag about. :thumbup:

This is the Steyr AUG A3 I found under my Christmas tree. Been wanting one for quite some time, but I never had the dead presidents to swing it. But sometimes you just gotta say wtf and go for it.

I outfitted it with an EOTECH 517 (buttons on the side), and have since replaced the Steyr flash hider with a standard NATO unit to make it compatible with a quick release suppressor I bought. (Paperwork should be approved any day now if recent trends hold.) I got the suppressor not so much to kill sound as to tame the incredible blast of this thing! It's fun to shoot, but my hair was getting kinda curly, and at my age using hair straighteners would probably make me even grayer than I already am.

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Now why would you want to do that? It's an EBR, and those are BAD BAD BAD!

(It's serious FUN, too.)

PS: This is my newest toy, but I've gotta wait for Unca Sugar to approve my paperwork.

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Better find a good price on 124-grain 9mm ammo. Cyclic rate is 720 rpm.

Kinda like a bullet buzz saw.
Dad blame it, this popularity is going to ruin me!
Micah said:
I bet that Steyr set you back a pretty penny. I know they are one of the best bullpups our there though.
I had friends telling me I was an idiot, but I wanted something short and compact, and I just like the AUG. Mine is a new A3 model without the integral sight, but it does have a couple of rails. As it's set up now, I have a bit over $2300 in it, which isn't bad, considering that the prices of other bullpups are in the same range. I got mine from RatWorx, by the way, as their price was fully $300 less than what I could have gotten it for elsewhere.
The only feed issue I've found is ammunition specific. I bought a whole bunch of 50 grain Remington HP ammo to use in the Steyr as it didn't run in several different AR type rifles. Either the shorter bullet or lighter gas pressure has caused quite a few failures to feed.

I'm going out later this morning to try some more ball ammo; so far I've tried a couple of brands of 55 grain ball with no problems.

Another issue I MIGHT have is with magazines. I purchased several MSAR mags (for the MSAR AUG clone), and those, combined with the Remington ammo, might be causing some problems. Using the 55 grain rounds worked quite well, but I'm going to try again today, just to be sure. At least I have a goodly supply of the proprietary AUG magazines, with more on the way from a friend who no longer has his issued selective fire AUG.
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swede62 said:
What is the 9mm?
That's an MK 760 from the early 80s, the successor to the Smith & Wesson M76 SMG.
Hey, Cyber. I checked the Ratworx site, and I don't see any mention of the AUGs, only of the MSAR clone. I haven't fired one, but I've handled a couple, and they're tricked out very nicely, just not as expensive as the AUG. For what it's worth, the new AUG is made in the US of A.

Ratworx USA Website
The S&W 76 was a close, not exact copy of the Gustaf M45. The 76 is selective fire instead of full auto only, and there are other differences as well. The Swedes embargoed us during the Southeast Asia War Games and wouldn't sell any more of the Ks to us, so S&W was tapped to come up with a replacement. The K/M45 is a more durable weapon, but the Swedish government was afraid our special ops and CIA guys might use them to hurt someone. :)

The MK760 is a licensed copy of the M76; most, if not all parts will interchange, and the basic difference is the lack of a Smith & Wesson logo (along with $2,500-$3,500 in price). The MK guns also suffered from inconsistent quality, especially in the welding.
And the gummint says the economy is improving!
VegasSMG said:
Nice rifle at a good price.

Here's where you'll hate me. The AUG doesn't suppress well.. not at all.
Why is that? I don't doubt what you're saying, but it stands to reason (to me) that it would suppress at least as well as any other .223 with a similar barrel length. Lots of the technical aspects of suppressors I don't know and probably wouldn't completely understand if I did. I've shot an AR15 style pistol with a suppressor, and it was pretty darned quiet compared to a 16" gun.
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