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    No it is not another gun, not till I get my new safe installed. This is something that I have wanted for many many years. I found a older Toyota 4x4, solid body, decent interior.
    It has been owned and driven by a older man for years. 22R motor, AMFM, AND GOOD GLASS.
    I am supposed to drive it tomorrow.I am not sure if it is 4 or 5 speed.It has ,High Low range.
    ICE COLD AIR.If I get it, I am planning on giving my Polaris Ranger 900 to my Son if I get this.
    I could probably sell about 10 guns that I have been holding on to that I have turned down selling to pay for it. It is 4 in the morning, I am going to sleep on it a little more.
    I want it.
  2. Buy it. Great trucks, wish I still had mine. ‘97 V6. 22r will just about run forever if properly maintained. Not that my opinion counts for much. Lol
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    Do it!!!!! Ain't nothing but $$$,
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    I'd love to see them!!!
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    I will see if I can come up with the money today. Later, I will list some guns. I think this one is a 94. Years ago I owned a 72 model 2 wheel drive. I drove from Meridian to Kemper and then Clarke County on hunting trips. I do not remember ever being stuck in truck.
    Just me, but I would rather having older trucks for hunting trips than newer ones, don,t have to worry about briars and smally scratches.
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    I think you answered your own question by using the word "Regret". Why live with regrets?
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    Get it. Good trucks are hard to come by regardless of how much money you're will to spend. A few minutes looking at the $50k crap on the new truck lots and you'll be searching for another old Yoda.
  10. I agree a good truck is had to find but I'll play devils advocate, if you have dependable wheels pass save the money for something you really need.

    List of things if I had money

    Stockpile :
    Extra food (canned meats) etc.
    Grow a garden including medicinal herbs
    More guns (if needed)
    Steel plates / sandbags

    Just to name a few ....
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    If you can swing it, pull the trigger with the understanding that you will pour a few more dollars into it to get it like you want.