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What's in your pocket today?

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Left Pocket - Personal keys, work keys
Right Pocket- Cell phone
Left rear pocket- money clip with $2 :)
Right Rear Pocket- Wallet with $0
left lower- XD SC .40 mag
right Lower- SOG Knife

IWB- XD SC .40 :cheers:
im wearing tights... they dont have pockets...

:awesome: :NO:
In my pockets?
RF-truck keys, Spyderco folder w/clip

On my waist? :D
Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45ACP (yes, God's caliber), riding in a Tucker Texas Heritage holster. Comforting AND comfortable.
Joe S. said:
im wearing tights... they dont have pockets...

:awesome: :NO:
Thanks for the visual Joe...now i wont eat the rest of the week.... or sleep.
Update - Charter Arms Bulldog 44 special 20 oz right pocket

left pocket smith 642 38 special

back pocket - well.....today I dunno :lol3:

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Front left: a pack of Pall Malls, Bic lighter, $0.46 and some pocket lint
Front Left: Cold Steel Ti-Lite and some more pocket lint
Back left: wallet
Back right Gerber multitool
IWB: SA loaded lightweight 1911
Belt: cellphone, extra mag for 1911
Left Pocket: $1.31 USD, receipt for Taco Bell, Kershaw Blur (well used)
Right Pocket: Kel Tec P11/custom K&D pocket holster loaded with 124 grain standard pressure Speer Gold Dot HPs.
Back Left:Wallet (empty)
Back Right: Keys, piece of copper(maybe brass)
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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