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What's it worth?

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I posted an ad for a bow for sale on another forum, and had a guy want to trade me a rifle for the bow. The rifle is a sporterized Springfield 1903 with a Timney trigger and Simmons Prosport scope. Anyone familiar enough with these to tell me what they're worth? Asking $400 for the bow, so I'm looking for at least that value.
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Thanks man, beginning to think I'd posted on a locked forum... Anyone else got any input?

One other tidbit, I do know that it was made after whatever serial number date that says it'll withstand modern loads. Past that, no idea.
Here's what the seller told me:

The rifle was made at Rock Island Armory and the serial number is 400XXX. Any rifle with serial numbers from Rock Island Armory above 256000 had double heat treated recievers and are safe to fire modern 30-06 ammo. I recently installed a Timney 3 lb. trigger and the scope is a Simmons Prosport 4-12x40mm.


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Looks like (from what I can find out) this one is a M1903A3 and was made by Rock Island in 1942, and was made from nickel steel-whatever that means...
Made the trade, but mainly because I figure there's a more broad audience with a rifle than the bow. The rifle has a Duracoat finish on it, and I've found out it's a RIA/SA hybrid. Interesting history:

RIA got out of the '03 rifle business in the '20's, but had several thousand (around 50K) receivers left over. They sent the receivers to Springfield Armory, and Springfield finished the rifles out and used them. All of the receivers were nickel steel, so were safe to shoot. Most (as in this case) were already stamped Rock Island Armory and had serial numbers that went up into the low 400,000's. Springfield put their own barrels on these rifles, and they were issued.

Thanks for all your help!

I'm still considering selling it at $400, if anyone is interested.
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