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Whats the furtherst shot you have made?

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I have a bunch of 300wm loaded up and ready to fly..
So far ive been able to figure the drop out to 1000yds, hitting a 16" stump at 908yds while propped up on a 4wheeler :D

This weekend we are goin to start at 1000yds and go back till we run out of room, or ammo.

I have a 1760yds marked off on my map, and to my buddys driveway its exactly 2000yds. Furthest we can go is roughly 1900yds and more and we will have to setup in the road haha

Guess we will see what happens and ill report back monday :lol4:
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i missed a deer at 10 paces once... propped up on a tree... :scratch:

oh wait, you said "hits"...

cant say i have ever taken a shot over 100... furthest i have ever killed a deer was about 65. all my hunts have been short range. that will change this year i think...
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