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Whats the furtherst shot you have made?

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I have a bunch of 300wm loaded up and ready to fly..
So far ive been able to figure the drop out to 1000yds, hitting a 16" stump at 908yds while propped up on a 4wheeler :D

This weekend we are goin to start at 1000yds and go back till we run out of room, or ammo.

I have a 1760yds marked off on my map, and to my buddys driveway its exactly 2000yds. Furthest we can go is roughly 1900yds and more and we will have to setup in the road haha

Guess we will see what happens and ill report back monday :lol4:
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Hope your scope has alot of elevation adjustment :D
mattblake said:
Heck I don't have a scope hahaha
OH,, go get you one then.. Saturday is coming quick!

ree_countrygirl said:
i've shot at a skeet at 500 yrs and barely missed. was shooting a friends gun so dont ask me wat it was or how it was set up
Well that's surely close enough to be called a hit considering a skeet is what, 3.5"?

haha great, now im gonna be setting skeet up and useing them for targets. Thanks for the idea!
Lt.Dan said:
Ive hit targets out at 1000 or so with a M-16A3. It was in Iraq from an overwatch position so it was perfectly clear. We implied a lot of kentucky windage haha.
haha, i would think so! Ive takin my 16" AR out to 600 but thats about it.
Ill have my .22-250 finished here soon, ill be trying to hit stuff way out there with it.
Doug Bowser said:
A woodchuck in New York at 575 long steps. A Model 70 Winchester and a Weaver K10 telescope with 130 gr Sierra bullet and 54 gr 4831. Did this sitting with sling.

What caliber? i was gonna guess .270 but thats not much powder for a 130gr bullet.
Took my stevens .223 out just a lil further yesterday, got a crow at 275yds. Shooting Tula steel case cheap stuff :D

Missed a dang crow a lil over 1000yds Saturday with my 300wm. It had just got thru raining so i went up the road to see what was in the fields. A bazillion crows flew from the fields close to the road out toward the tree line so i parked my truck on the other side of the road and eased over the road (road is raised above the fields) and spotted the nearest crow. The tree line is 1140yds and i guess it to be roughly 1000yds maybe 1050yds. Pulled the bipod down and crawled over till i could see it thru the scope. Held over about 7mils and let it fly. Bullet hit about a foot over the crow :( :(
Atleast it scared them off :)
Doug Bowser said:
Same .270 that I killed the woodchuck with. 150 gr Sierra BTSP and 54 gr Hogdon 4831. Shot from the prone position over a log. The deer was on the other side of a valley. It paced 725 steps but it was downhill and uphill. It was more like 600 yards. The deer dropped like a rock. The bullet severed the spinal cord at the top of the shoulder. I had overestimated the range and the bullet struck a bit high.

But a hit is a hit :thumbup:
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