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Whats the furtherst shot you have made?

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I have a bunch of 300wm loaded up and ready to fly..
So far ive been able to figure the drop out to 1000yds, hitting a 16" stump at 908yds while propped up on a 4wheeler :D

This weekend we are goin to start at 1000yds and go back till we run out of room, or ammo.

I have a 1760yds marked off on my map, and to my buddys driveway its exactly 2000yds. Furthest we can go is roughly 1900yds and more and we will have to setup in the road haha

Guess we will see what happens and ill report back monday :lol4:
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Best and longest was 506yd head shot on a doe with a 300 RSAUM shooting Nosler 168gr custom competition BTHP pushed along by 57gr og Varget
Doug Bowser said:
..500 yards, sorry Dan,

I can't see that far!!!!!!
600 yard, F class target, this past weekend...with this

10's and 9's mostly a few X's

6-24x50 Bushnell Elite 4200 win 308

It was X-rings at the time....Not any more...

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This might not sound as impressive as the rest on here but a beer bottle at 200 yards with a ruger 10/22 with a 20in barrel firing a .22short.... Best shot ever in my opinion....
1400meters with a M109 .50cal. Target was about the size of a Honda. Not that impressive for that weapon. I would say just about any shooter could make it but it was cool.
Not sure, still waiting for the round to come down, I'll let you know if it hits the target.
F-Target, 600 yards, 3"- X ring, 6"- 10 ring. 6-24x50 Nikon Scope. 20 rounds. Only 6 were outside of the 10 Ring.
AR-15, .223, WOA Upper, 26" barrel, 80 grain BTHP.
I've made some moderately long-range shots with my 308s (400ish). The shot I'm most happy with was a little shorter though. I tagged a large black bird (not a buzzard cause that would be illegal) with a 10/22 with open sites at around 200 yards. I seemed to be able to do that fairly consistently when I shot a lot of 22 LF. There's no way it would happen now though.
My longest "kill" was a coyote last spring in east texas, ranged at 430 something yards. Shot it with a TC ICON .308 handloads with hornady SST.
Hunting guide was spotting with a hell of a crosswind over a valley. It took 4 shots to roll him. First hit about 2 feet in front of nose and so yards short. (you would have to see the terrain to understand the coming up short.
We fired two more rounds to establish corrections and the fourth and last shot was a dead on hit.

Not real impressive, but it was the most fun I had on that trip.

400 yrds shooting at a gimped up deer on a pipeline out of a shooting house . Pure luck , my cross hairs were moving w/ my heartbeat all over the deer . Shooting a 30-06 Winchester 670 carbine w/ a 19 1/2 " barrel and ballistic silver tips . The deer had been shot already 3 times and was rank .The only reason I took the shot was because he was hoppin on 3 legs .
DirtyWorks said:
As far as smooth bore, 2000 yards with a M1A2 Abrams (with 120 mm main gun) while it was moving @ 20 mph in smoke and dust!
During DS we consitently hit targets out beyond 3000 Meters. I know of one guy (LTC's Gunner) who earned a Bronze Star for knocking out a piece of arty outside 4000 meters.
I got to play at 600 yards here a few weeks back. Very fun.
535 yards to the treeline in back of the pasture from my bench on the back porch. quite a few deer taken sitting there with my coffee cup in the morning. if season was open and we were low on deer meat just pick one and then go crank the tractor.

its kind of a cheat, I practiced at targets all over that pasture and knew the ranges and holdover for nearly every spot on it.plus it was off sandbags.

first shot out of a cold barrel with my savage 7mm mag could bust a coke can at the treeline. won lots of lunch money with that lil trick 2nd shot was 50/50 by the 3rd the barrel had warmed and it would wander off
I got to shoot 600 last weekend. I actually hit the 3" X ring 13 out of 45.
I kept 24 of 24 rounds in the scoring rings at 620 yards last weekend with my tang sighted 45-90 Shiloh Sharps. No X rings this time, unfortunately. I have to smell the target, since I sure as heck can't see it all that well! After a 3-month hiatus I figured that was pretty good, and now, after a bit of trigger time, I expect to do a lot better on the 15th of October.

PS: I tagged a coyote at 115 yards with a Browning Hi Power a few years ago.
Not sure of the distance but years ago on Kodiak Island, Alaska I made an offhand kill shot on a blacktail that I had to hold so high on that the top of the deer's back was all that was visible in the very bottom of the scope. It was my second shot as the first one I held about 3' high and the bullet hit about 15' below the deer in the rocks. Gun was a .270 Winchester zeroed @250. I was not going to take the shot but my buddy, that called the first shot, talked me into it. The deer, that was standing on a cliff edge, did not move after the first shot. I took the second shot just to see if I could make him move and never thought I would hit him. Once hit, he fell off the cliff and rolled down the mountain for what seemed like a minute or so. Awesome sight to say the least.
I've only shot out to 300 meters with my Yugo Mauser and hit the gong at Magnolia, open sights. I do most of my shooting at 200 yards (open sight) since that's how we do our matches.
4500 meters. Weapon was M101A1 105mm howitzer. Schofield Barracks, HI.

We took turns seeing who could hit a tree on the edge of the impact area. I took one round to adjust fire, then fired for effect. Tree was gone when the smoke cleared. Hero for a day.
How far?

Mule deer out to 800 yds.
Steel out to 1400 yards.
This is consistently the most accurate rifle/cartridge platform I've ever fired in over 60 years worth of shooting...both hunting and in competition. Had this rifle made up by Jon Beanland up in Oklahoma two years ago and it shoots 123 gr. SHPBT with amazing accuracy out to 1400 yards! I've shot a few 5 shot groups at this distance that I could cover with the back of my fist!! And the amazing thing is that it does this with only 38 grs. of Varget powder! Caliber is 6.5x47Lapua.

RicksTacRifle by Sharps45 2 7/8, on Flickr

Fired this 17 shot group a while back from 1000 yds. The two hits over at the 9 o/clock side were the sighters and the remaining 15 rounds impacted pretty well to center....with one slightly left that I called. Fired this prone off bipod. The inner plate is 20" diameter.

6.5x47 Tgt1000 by Sharps45 2 7/8, on Flickr
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