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whats your favorite home defense round for a shotgun?

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lets isolate it to a 20ga. or 12 ga. caliber?
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I too use a mix:

#4 turkey, OO buck, and a Centurion home defense load that has one 0.675" ball and 6 - #1 buck shot...

Dead men tell no lies........
I guess this may sound cold....but if someone is brave enough to enter my house for some ill known purpose (especially at night where indications are that we are home) and I confront him - I want him dead.....period. I must assume that since he should know we're home, that he is willing to harm or kill us to do his dirty deeds... I don't want to shoot a light birdshot at him, he gets away wounded, and comes back for revenge at a later date - on his terms...

Of course I understand also about wall penetrations.... and I also am fully aware, as each of us needs to be, of my family's paterns... especially sleeping paterns. My house is an older (my wife's grandparents') simple design with an open living/kitchen area and a long straight hall... also has paneling walls - not really sure if they'd be better than sheetrock... All entrances if approached from my bedroom are clean, clear shots that have no potential to enter a bedroom without passing through cabinets, closets, appliances, and/or bathroom first.....

So I'll shoot the SOB with the killingest round I have!
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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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