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whats your favorite home defense round for a shotgun?

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lets isolate it to a 20ga. or 12 ga. caliber?
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I have Hevi-Shot loaded up these days. Doesn't matter, though. Chances are I will grab a pistol first in the heat of the moment. Especially since there is usually one on me.

Beladran said:
SJ said:
You hit the first BG with a load of 12 gauge 00 and all other perps with him is going to run. :NO:
I dont want them to run... i want them to die.

sidroski said:
No one in the house but me and the wife so I don't have to worry about killing anyone but the BG's. Anyway, 00 in 2 3/4 in case they leave the house (only would fire if someone in the house had been injured, otherwise I'd just be a good witness).
Anyone breaking into your home should die, PERIOD. Running away will NOT save your a$$ at my house. Are they all of a sudden a good guy because they ran away? What would they have done to you or your family had they not been scared away? Who knows, but I bet it would not be good. That's kinda their thing, you see.

Do us all a favor, sidroski and anyone else reading this. If someone breaks in your home, kill the idiot so he doesn't end up at my house or the house of an 88yr old couple the next time. :thumbup:

I used to think just like sid, but having children changes the way you look at the world. There are no victims at my house, and I don't want there to be any victims at yours, either.

Didn't mean to single you out, bro. Just using what you said to make a point.

We all need to look out for one another. Lots of freaks out there!
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