When lightning strikes your roof..

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  1. Beladran

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    It catches on fire then the fire dept comes to save the day.
    My parents house down the road got struck last night. Have about a 10ft diameter hole in the roof plus all the fire/water damage. Poor roof is less than a year old

  2. cs700

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    Never fun & can be nightmare to get fixed. Glad everyone is ok.
  3. SubGunFan

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    Mother Nature can be a real bitch at times. Glad your parents are OK. Hope insurance covers everything.
  4. rigrat

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  5. TheBouncer1111

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    Wow, guess there's no protection against that. Good think no one was standing below.

    I heard recently that lighting actually travels up, rather than down like our eyes tell us.

    Don't know, rather trust my eyes
  6. mascott

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    Glad no one was hurt, at least physically.
  7. patchz

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    Actually, it does both.
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  8. patchz

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    Sorry they're having to go through this. Hope they get things fixed and back to normal soon.
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  9. BasMstr

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    Ouch, glad everyone is okay. Hopefully insurance will cover it.

    Had a strike on my big shed, knocked a chunk of the concrete slab out, current followed the electrical wiring all the way back to the submersible pump, blew a hole in the casing, had to sink a new well head. Got half a dozen lightning rods on each of my outbuildings, now. Lightning is no joke.
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  10. DoyleAlley

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    Actually, there is - but it will cost you. You can build a building with lightning rods all around it. You'll see them on some commercial buildings - looks like a 2 ft long spear on each corner. The idea is that any lightning that would have struck the building hits them instead and is grounded to earth.
  11. cottonmouth

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    I have a lightning rod that goes all the way across my house, makes me feel better knowing it's up there!

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  12. Vick

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    Glad everyone is OK. The Gulfport FD did a great job when we go hit by lightning a couple of years ago...got the fire out, minimum of damage; yes, there was some damage, but not nearly as much as there could have been...they were very careful not to do more than necessary to make sure the fire was out.
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  13. bubbat

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    Glad they're ok. Lighting struck our house in Indianola, burst water pipes and a gas line. When I crawled under it to fix the water line found a flame coming from gas line luckily it was blowing down toward ground and not up to floor. :eek:
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  14. NRA_guy

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    Those tall outdoor TV antennas we all used to have made great lightning rods if they were set on the ground.

    The ones attached to brick chimneys or mounted on the roof were not so great unless they were grounded with a heavy wire and ground rod.

    I assume that all of those new metal roofs people are having put on their houses are all grounded---right?

    Using liberals' logic: Maybe the government should require lightning rods on all houses. Hey! It would only add a few thousand dollars to the cost of a house, and if it saves just one life . . . [/sarcasm]
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  15. Beladran

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    Well they are basically gonna gut the house. Estimated 90days to make the repairs :(
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  16. Beladran

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    My parents want to stay onsite while the repairs are going on rather than a hotel. Anyone know a place that rents campers?
  17. fordpkup

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    Be the good son and put Pop up.