Where do y'all have your finger prints done?

Discussion in 'Mississippi Concealed Carry' started by NRA_guy, Mar 29, 2018.

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    Doing my CCW renewal, and I see that I must get my finger prints done "by a law enforcement agency on the standard FD-258 FBI card".

    Where do y'all have your prints done?

    In the past, I have just gone to the Highway Patrol office in Jackson and they did the finger prints. But I'd like to mail it in this time (if I can figure out the cost).

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    They should’ve sent you the card to do it I thought? The only time I’ve renewed mine I was near the due date so I took it in and they fingerprinted me again just because.
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  4. HerrZnk

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    They still use paper cards? Last fingerprints I gave for background checks were electronic. Water sprayed on a reader machine. I have to go through checks annually for my j*b.
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  5. That's the type of fingerprinting I had done at my city's Police Department for another state's N/R CCW permit application. $10 for one card; $13 for two. Then into the mail with the other required paperwork and fees.

    For Mississippi's CCW fingerprinting requirement, I've always gone to one of the highway patrol troops (Batesville, in my case) on the appointed day, and gave them (DPS firearm permit unit) all of the notarized application paperwork, photo and $$$.

    MS law 45-9-101 amended/HB 786 says:

    The applicant shall submit ... A full set of fingerprints of the applicant administered by the Department of Public Safety ..." I always interpreted that phrase to mean the required fingerprinting is to be done either at Jackson or by one of the Highway Patrol troops.

    But only required every other time, unless your permit has lapsed >6 months Corrected, per NRA_guy's post with updated MS DPS .pdf renewal instructions. Looks like an in-person or updated FD-258 fingerprinting is required for permit 5-yr renewals too.

    Not a lawyer, and never portrayed one on TV!
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    If I can ask, What OOS permit do you have and where does it help?
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  7. PM sent.
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  8. Dave

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    My last renewal was by mail. I had to pay the finger printing fee even though no finger prints taken this time. It is another way to rip a person off in my opinion. I did get my card.
  9. NRA_guy

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    Yeah, I think the CCW folks at the Highway patrol either:

    a. Are incompetent, illiterate, public high school graduates, or

    b. Want the instructions to be ambiguous to discourage applicants.

    Last time I went in for a renewal, they said, "Oh, you didn't need to come in. You could have just mailed it in---but since you are here we will fingerprint you." (By the way, they use the water based computer captured system, but they could not get prints from my fingers. They said that is common for old folks like me.)

    The renewal instructions that they sent me are poorly written. See attached.

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  10. Jarhead5811

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    Yeah, just to be sure they didn’t screw it up I just dropped the wife and kids off at the Natural Science Museum and went to the MHP headquarters in Jackson. It didn’t take but about twenty minutes.
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    The fingerprinting device is in the jail at the Sheriffs office in Vicksburg. Call ahead and make sure Mike is there. As far as I know he’s the only one that can do them.

    I was always under the impression you had to go to the MHP station in Jackson. Let us know if they’ll accept them from local sources.
  12. DEADEYE 1

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    When I had mine done, I had it at the Meridian Highway Patrol Station. I have wondered why people have to get fingerprints done again years later; do fingerprints change with age, or are they wanting to make sure that it is you??
  13. jakeg823

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    They change slightly...unless you suck with saws and knives like a few of us here. Which is why they only require it every other time.
  14. Your eligibility ("qualified person") to CCW might have changed, and running your fingerprints again with the FBI/NICS would show that.
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  15. Jarhead5811

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    The FBI will not accept old fingerprints for a background check.
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  16. DEADEYE 1

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    I am sure that I have some extra lines on my prints from old cuts that healed or were sewed up. Then some may not be so visible from years of sanding wood , paint, and varnish.When I got my first CCW, I did the prints and application, then about 2 months later they sent me a letter and told me that I had to get the prints done over. They were a little smeared from my hands sweating.
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