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Which Compact/Sub-Compact 9?

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Considering an affordable (under $500) compact/sub-compact 9mm for concealed and vehicle use. Wondered which y'all prefer or recommend?
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Thanks for all the responses, your opinions much appreciated. I'm in no hurry and look forward to checking out the XDsc, Sig, and others mentioned.
Glock 26- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMpwNO2FNas&feature=related
Personally just never liked the feel of a Glock, thick, bulky and none of them fit my hand very well... although I'm sure I'd get used to one if I bought it.
Noticed for 5 bucks at the indoor range I can rent a Glock 26, guess I'll cave to pressure from the Glock fans :sheepaid: and give one a try next visit. ;)
Thanks, I've been researching and have narrowed it down to:
Ruger SR9c
Shot a Glock 26- nice but it didn't really win me over, look forward to seeing the Gen 4 though.

Although a couple are above my price range still want to at least look at and get my hands on:
PX4 Storm compact/sc- wow those look cool
Walther P99c
Kahr PM9 and CW9
Sig P250

Ok so I haven't narrowed it down at all but have actually made the list longer :rotflmao: Off to the gun show!
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Well a little disappointed there wasn't a better selection at the gun show but I did get to narrow my choices down after handling a few-
PX4 Storm compact- looks cool but looks aren't everything, felt a little "obtuse" plus on the heavy side at 26 oz.
XDsc- also heavy at 26 oz. but felt good
Walther P99c- all they had was a .40 but liked it. They had a PPS flat carry which is very cool but the $700 price tag scared me away. Also the P99 ($619) felt great but on the big side for what I want.
Kahr PM9- too small, besides already have an LCP
Kahr CW9- compact, flat, light, would be a good summertime ccw
Sig 250- I'd probably love a Sig but it's on the big and heavy side for what I want
Which leaves the Ruger SR9c and the SW M&P compact. I found a few 9c's but none all black (with black slide) or I might have traded in my Sigma and brought one home. There were no SW M&P compacts to be found but I'll find one someplace to check out then probably decide between it and the SR9c. :2pistol:
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MattC8444 said:
I voted for the SR9c because I just bought one. I haven't shot it yet but I can tell you that the trigger is kind of rough. I have not cleaned it yet neither (new gun grease). Hopefully after some good cleaning it will feel better. I do like the way it feels tough. I still carry my G22. You may not like the Glocks but they are the ultimate in reliability. Just my thoughts.
Hey MattC8444 have you shot that SR9c yet? Some reviews say the trigger is great, also read that they come in need of a good cleaning and function much better after break-in. Funny I finally decided to get one and can't find one with the black slide anyplace, one shop said he'd call soon as his distributor got some in and that was a month ago. Maybe there'll be one at the gun show this weekend but I doubt it, will probably just order one online after the holidays.
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