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Which Compact/Sub-Compact 9?

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Considering an affordable (under $500) compact/sub-compact 9mm for concealed and vehicle use. Wondered which y'all prefer or recommend?
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Hooter said:
MattC8444 said:
I voted for the SR9c because I just bought one. I haven't shot it yet but I can tell you that the trigger is kind of rough. I have not cleaned it yet neither (new gun grease). Hopefully after some good cleaning it will feel better. I do like the way it feels tough. I still carry my G22. You may not like the Glocks but they are the ultimate in reliability. Just my thoughts.
Hey MattC8444 have you shot that SR9c yet? Some reviews say the trigger is great, also read that they come in need of a good cleaning and function much better after break-in. Funny I finally decided to get one and can't find one with the black slide anyplace, one shop said he'd call soon as his distributor got some in and that was a month ago. Maybe there'll be one at the gun show this weekend but I doubt it, will probably just order one online after the holidays.
I put about 250 rounds down the barrel and had a few failures to fire. After thinking about it a little I believe that it was the ammo. The first 200 or so were Remington and Winchesters and had no problems at all. The ammo that had problem was some cheap ammo that I bought at Wal-Mart. I wrote a quick little write up of it on this forum.

Matt's SR9c write-up

I still like the way it feels and I will be shooting another 250 round through it soon. Let me know when you get one and shoot it. I like to know your thoughts as well. Also I am used to a light smooth trigger (1911) so my opinion is a little off. I have let other people play with it and they liked the trigger.
Love my M&P!!
captain-03 said:
Love my M&P!!
Have to agree with cap. on the m&p... i traded for one a week or 2 ago and really like it.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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