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Which Glock barrel?

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Okay i have a glock 23 .40 compact. I'm going to do a 357sig conversion on it and my question is...

Should i do the G32 barrel or extend it a lil and do the g31 barrel. Would there be any difference? should still function correctly right?

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Who makes a good one for a model 22? Been flirting with the idea of a 357 Sig since I've been reading about so many agencies going to the 357. CB, what's ammo run for that?
Thanks CB. I hear lone wolf's name a lot on different forums. Since you're still on, what's 357Sig ammo run (I imagine you already looked into it, if not don't worry I look around myself). If I do change I might go in with you on a case if you're interested.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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