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Which Glock barrel?

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Okay i have a glock 23 .40 compact. I'm going to do a 357sig conversion on it and my question is...

Should i do the G32 barrel or extend it a lil and do the g31 barrel. Would there be any difference? should still function correctly right?

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It will still function with either barrel. The longer barrel will give you a little more velocity, my guess is around 50 fps depending on the ammo.

What is the gun for? Range toy? Carry piece?
Performance-wise, you'll see a slight increase in velocity over the shorter barrel. It won't be any more accurate with a longer barrel, contrary to popular belief.

If it's a range toy and home defense, either one is fine. It's up to you really. No difference other than the extra velocity and the "look" of having the barrel extend past the end of the slide.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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