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Which Glock barrel?

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Okay i have a glock 23 .40 compact. I'm going to do a 357sig conversion on it and my question is...

Should i do the G32 barrel or extend it a lil and do the g31 barrel. Would there be any difference? should still function correctly right?

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Range and home defense. I have a walther for carry
so what's the diff b/w an extended barrel for a compact and barrel for the full size?
yeah it's not the full size. there's a size bigger and then there's the subcompact which is like the XD i got. Then they have the competition ones which i believe are even bigger (longer) and then there's that .45 that's about the size as the walther (i think atleast in thickness)
okay thanks...

but what's the difference b/w the full size barrel and the extended barrel for the compact?
you can buy a Glock brand barrel. I hear lone wolf is good and at cheaper than dirt they are only 99 bucks...
like all ammo it varies. i don't think it's a whole lot more than .40. i haven't done a whole lot of checking. but i also bought a 9mm conversion for my glock. got a whole slide assembly for 200 w/ night sights :D which is what i'll use for target practicing b/c it's cheaper :)
yeah i got that part..

but they sell extended barrels for the compacts are these the same size as te factory barrel for the full size
no just solid barrels. don't want a ported one.

and on another note... how many FREAKING glocks do you own :D

** just bought a complete slide assembly off gunbroker w/ night sights for a 9mm. and it has a parts bag with almost every lil extra part you could need build another one for 240 shipped. not to bad i don't think. ***
do you have the AA .22lr conversion for any of yours?
ah i ordered one about 8 or 9 months ago and it's been on back order... i think i might cancle it.. but i got 40 bucks in mags i bought that i don't wanna lose out on... since i took them out of the package when i got them b/c i didn't know it was gonna be this long waiting on it
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