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Which Glock barrel?

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Okay i have a glock 23 .40 compact. I'm going to do a 357sig conversion on it and my question is...

Should i do the G32 barrel or extend it a lil and do the g31 barrel. Would there be any difference? should still function correctly right?

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+ 1 on what's it for.

I say the longer barrel simply because it gives u 2 options.
1st= extended barrel for the 23 w/better velocity and stability.
2nd= factory length in a 22 if you ever had one or chose to sell later b/c your more app to use conversion barrels in full size gun.

I actually have the extended 31 size w/2 comp cut from LWD and its nice.

CB, to answer ur ? Barrel length for 23 is 4.02 and for the 22 it is 4.49. Basically it's half of an inch.
Yes unless it is the one with compensator cuts in end. Let me double ck, but I'm pretty sure. Be back in few. Ok I'm back. According to LWD site, stock 23 barrel is 102mm in length and the extended version is 107mm. The stock 22 barrel is 114mm in length. It states to not use the 22 barrel in the 23, but it should work fine IMO. It is only 7mm longer than extended version. You can contact LWD before ordering if you chose that route to verify. They are great to deal with and will shoot u straight.
Just to note: I have a few, but not all models. I wished I did, but maybe one day. I like Glock and trust my life to them, so why not use, learn, shoot, and spread the word.
BTW I know people who have way more than I.

If you run across a Glock 18 or 25 I'd be interested.
No I don't , prefer the Ruger MKII. I've read about too many reliability issue with the conversions and haven't ran across the right deal I guess.
I'd try it out for sure, I just not a fan yet. There is a little girl that uses one at our uspsa matches and it misfires alot. Now on a side note, there is a company that makes a replica that has a hammer on it and I might try one of those one day.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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