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Which one to buy or build??

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Would you rather build a 450 Bushmaster AR? Or a 6.5 Grendel for up to 200 yards but mostly under 150 yards. I think they are both AR, not A10. I see a lot of 308 uppers now. The 450 goes back to the old argument big heavy bullet vs. small fast bullet. Although the 450 is going over 2.000 fps.
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For under 200 mostly 150 either will do the job. If I went the 6.5 Grendel route I'd go .264LBC instead same thing different maker so different name do to copy right. Thing is the 264 uses a 7.62x39 bolt and the 6.5 uses a 6.5 grendel bolt.
I'm seriously thinking when I go with a hvy thumper it will be the 450 Bushmaster myself.

So I guess my answer would be 450 for 150 yards and less.
For 200 yards and under the 450 bushmaster is going to be a great choice. The 6.5 is a good round and cheaper to load for but IMHO is better suited to longer distances. For hunting where you're not going through a lot of ammo; 450 would be my choice.

EDIT: Just an FYI if you plan on loading your own 450 BM rounds one of the nice things is that with a Lee bullet sizer you can resize 458 bullets to 452 giving you much greater bullet options (from like 140gr to 600 gr). I 140 gr in the 450 GM would give you something like 2500 fps and extend your range if you so desired.
Thanks did not know that.
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