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which optic?????/iron sight????????

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I love my new DPMS AR, buuuuuut I still don't have a optic!!!! I have the MBUSs on it, but i still have to order a new front BUIS(due to the gas block), so they really arent doing me any good at the moment, I'll get to that in a minute though.

1) I have plenty of experience with the EOTech 512, great optic, but I think i wanna go the battery-less route. I'm thinking the Trijicon line right now, but I dont know which model(larger or small): http://trijicon.com/user/parts/parts_new.cfm?categoryID=8

also which MOA dot? i'm normally more of a pistol/iron sights guy, so this is a whole new world to me!

I'm not at all closed to a battery powered optic, but I think I would appreciate something that I dont have to rely on the availability of batteries for(think :shtf: scenario). Plus its always on, no buttons to fumble with at night.

The Trijicon line is on the same price level as the EOTechs, and appears to be cheaper than Aimpoints, which i have no experience with.

Heck, even if you don't have any experience with any of these optics at all, but know of a place either around Hattiesburg or Florence that has any on display that I can check out, that would be GREAT!!!!

2) Now, which BUIS? I'm trying to not spend $200+ on them. I've mostly been looking at YHM http://yankeehillmachine.com/store/sights.html
the gas block mounted front flip sight and the flip rear sight.

Once again, i'm open to any suggestions. If nothing else I will just go with a iron front for the time being and leave the mbus rear.

BUT, if I go with a Trijicon Reflex, will there even be a point in having BUISs???

sorry for the long post, just wanted to get everyone on my level of thinking for a minute. Thanks in advance
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Cool. That's most likely what I'm going with iron sightwise because it seems to be a quality sight from what I've read, and still a fair price
sidroski said:
I have an EoTech on one of mine and like it.
As far as your front BUIS, make sure it is steel and not a polymer like Magpuls. They can't handle the heat as you probably know.
Let us know what you get and a range report.
Yeah i ordered them before I'd even shot the gun and the site I ordered it from didn't give a warning about the gas block. I'll just keep em though probably cuz if I ever build one it'll have a full length rail so I'll just use em then.

Like I said I like eotechs but I still just dont know. It'll be a while on the optic probably. Or I could just hold off on the irons and get a optic....decisions decisions......
Lt.Dan said:
Id probably go with the iron sight before the optic, because if :shtf: you wont be needing batteries. just my thought.
That was assuming I go the battery-less route
yeah thinking dot(such as reflex or possibly eotech/aimpoint), not scope or anything like that(would love a ACOG though.......but we all know how much one of those costs.......maybe after i graduate!)
Reloader said:
Look at Diamondhead battle sights.
I have theyre just over what I'm looking to spend but might still go for them
jbpmidas said:
If you want a "dot" optic, Leupold makes one that does not require batteries. It has a black reticle, similar to a regular scope. But, it also has a lit reticle feature. A guy had one a few weeks ago when I was at the range.
I looked at this yesterday at gander....didn't care for it...maybe it was just my eyes but I had trouble viewing the reticle. Couldn't figure out how to light it up though so I can't vouch for what it was like with that
nhstk02 said:
I went with the Midwest Industries flip sights and have been satisfied with them so far. I was really wanting a dot sight at one time, but wanted to learn how to use the iron sight at first anyway. I ended up getting a Millet dms-1 1-4 power scope, and I like it, but just need a quick release mount for it.
MI, i'd forgotten about them! thats more what i'm looking for pricewise, and appears to be a solid unit w/ good reviews
found on weaponparts.com for $64 and $66 each. anyone have any dealings with that site? not a bad price at all for irons
Stonewall said:
I just like Aimpoints. Yeah, they have a battery .............. but also have a 50,000 hour battery life!
Nothing wrong with that. But I'm still not sold on something I have to turn on an optic, or finding/buying batteries for one. Either way this purchase will probably be a month or so off
Well I've waited too long so I'm gonna have to hold off on the optic till after the holidays....got 8 nieces and nephews(4 of each!) so money is gonna be tight for a while. But I'm definitely ordering iron sights next week. Thinking the Midwest industries ones
ordered the BUIS last night. went with the Midwest Industries ones. got them from getgear.us. got the rear for $80(msrp is $105) and the front for $69(msrp is $90) so i think i did pretty good
got my MI BUISs today! Gonna take em to the range in the am hopefully. Only problem is that the front site can't lay all the way down because I had to order a gas block model, which means taller sight, which means the sight lands on the handguard, but i can deal with it so no biggie! they definitely seem like sturdy enough sights so we'll see how it goes in the am

and here it is w/ the magpuls...i'd say its definitely improvement, although i do like the magpuls flip up the best

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jbpmidas said:
Not much of a sight radius with the MagPul's!
Exactly...they were so close(due to the gas block) that they were literally worthless. Well made just the polymer/gas block thing was an issue
Didn't go so well this morning! The gas block apparently got knocked loose yesterday when I installed the front sight so when we couldn't get it to zero this morning my fiance's dad realized the sight was off so I reached up to grab it and it shifted. So without any tools had to wait til we got back to his house to get the wrench we needed. So gonna try again next Saturday!
think i'm finally going to order that Trijicon Reflex 42mm with the 4.5 moa dot this week
Hahaha no that's just a dpms. Bought it back during the fall, but haven't shot it hardly at all between the constant cold/rainy weather and lack of funds.

My next one I'll build myself, but when I got this one it was exactly what I wanted, just a simple carbine with a flat top upper, and it didn't cost me much if any more than it would have to have built it myself at the time.

I'd planned on building, but I just hardly had any free time last semester when I was dying to get one, so between the about even price, and the lack of time I just couldn't pass it up.

Gotta find something to put those magpuls on now...

I will definitely be building my next one though!
Stryker6 said:
I would change out the gas block to a low pro style, slap a rifle length rail on it, put a Comp M4 and some BUIS on top add you'd be good to go plus it would look great. shop around on other gun forums and you can usually find a quality rail and gas block for under 100 bucks.
Maybe on my next one. Already have the buis. And just don't want a full rail on this one for some reason
well..........7 months after starting this search i finally bit the bullet and ordered a Trijicon RX34 Reflex optic, with ARMS throw lever mount, the required spacer, and a killflash. its a 42mm tube, 4.5MOA dot. Found it for a halfway decent price at red-dot-scopes.com, the throw lever mount made up for it though :( oh well...wanted to do it right the first time i guess!

I went with the 4.5, because it seemed like a decent sized dot, and the 6.5 was just a tad too big. I'm not going to be attempting 600yd shots with this optic/rifle combo, this rifle typically stays in the safe, so its more of a range/zombie gun I suppose...keep a .45, .40 and 12ga handy for bumps in the night, so that is covered.

nothing against the aimpoints, or the eotechs, the trijicon was just speaking to me......went with UPS shipping of course(see my rant on that subject in the general off topic subforum), so hopefully middle of next week or so i'll have it in, and get it sighted in pretty quick i hope!

I think with this, and possibly some magpul furniture to keep the heat down up front, and I'll have it set up pretty well the way I want it, without it being ridiculously tacti-cool. will post pictures of optic when i receive it
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