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which optic?????/iron sight????????

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I love my new DPMS AR, buuuuuut I still don't have a optic!!!! I have the MBUSs on it, but i still have to order a new front BUIS(due to the gas block), so they really arent doing me any good at the moment, I'll get to that in a minute though.

1) I have plenty of experience with the EOTech 512, great optic, but I think i wanna go the battery-less route. I'm thinking the Trijicon line right now, but I dont know which model(larger or small): http://trijicon.com/user/parts/parts_new.cfm?categoryID=8

also which MOA dot? i'm normally more of a pistol/iron sights guy, so this is a whole new world to me!

I'm not at all closed to a battery powered optic, but I think I would appreciate something that I dont have to rely on the availability of batteries for(think :shtf: scenario). Plus its always on, no buttons to fumble with at night.

The Trijicon line is on the same price level as the EOTechs, and appears to be cheaper than Aimpoints, which i have no experience with.

Heck, even if you don't have any experience with any of these optics at all, but know of a place either around Hattiesburg or Florence that has any on display that I can check out, that would be GREAT!!!!

2) Now, which BUIS? I'm trying to not spend $200+ on them. I've mostly been looking at YHM http://yankeehillmachine.com/store/sights.html
the gas block mounted front flip sight and the flip rear sight.

Once again, i'm open to any suggestions. If nothing else I will just go with a iron front for the time being and leave the mbus rear.

BUT, if I go with a Trijicon Reflex, will there even be a point in having BUISs???

sorry for the long post, just wanted to get everyone on my level of thinking for a minute. Thanks in advance
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so this morning I get up to find a box on the counter for me, open it up and its a Trijicon Reflex box!!! open it up and sure 'nuff! its another RX-34! this time its the model I originally ordered with the ARMS throw lever mounts, but cancelled in exchange for the one they actually had in stock!

After seeing this one, I'm glad I didn't wait! I called Trijicon to make sure it was a legit one because it didnt look right to me, found out they changed their finisher(which is apparently the only process they dont do in house), and it looks and feels cheeeeeeeaaaaap! was not at all impressed! i much prefer the painted/parked look/feel of mine. so I called the company that shipped it and their computer apparently just didnt update, so they emailed me a shipping label and i shipped it on back today.

I was tempted to trade out the mounts, but my call to trijicon told me that the S/N tells what sort of mount should be with it, so I knew i couldnt get away with that...plus i doubt I actually would've done that anyway....this did tell me all i needed to know about whether or not I really want/need this mount though! It worked PERFECTLY with my BUIS, so I ordered a mount tonight. had a good 1/3 cowitness for the BUIS, which is what most claim is ideal, so it should work great for me! i put my flattop mount up for sale today, but decided to keep it just in case something were to happen to one I would have a spare mount.
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So I shipped back the sight they accidentally shipped me Monday, and decided the hell with it and ordered the mount! Got it a little while ago and got it mounted. MUCH better! Plus the finish matches my optic better than it did on the new odd finish on the rx34 they accidentally sent.

There won't be any accidentally throwing the levers with this thing! Although it's a quick detach, it's tiiiiiight! Which is fine by me.

Looks much sleeker than the original mount, not that it matters on what is meant to be a "battle" rifle, just an observation. Allows for a perfect 1/3 cowitness as well

Can't wait to get back to the range and get it sighted in right!

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