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Which Ruger MKIII should I buy?

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I want an accurate .22 pistol and am thinking about buying a Ruger MKIII. Should I buy the S.S. Hunter with the 7" fluted bull barrel (model 10118) or the S.S. Competition with the 7" Slab side barrel (model 10112)? What are the major differences between the two, price is about the same. Please let me know if there is a different model and/or manufacturer you recommend. I would like to stay under the $500 mark.
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Okay Gun, why do you like the competition model better? They are priced about the same. I don't know if I like the v-knotched rear sights of the Hunter, does the Competition have the same type rear sight? I do like the fiber optic front sight of the Hunter. I'm new to the world of competitive shooting, will the Hunter version not be allowed in areas where the Competition will be allowed?
Okay, I bought the S.S. Hunter with the fluted 7" barrel. I test fired it yesterday and plan on sighting it in today. Great looking pistol and operated flawlessly out of the box. This may be my first MKIII but I have a feeling it will not be my last.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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