Who else is in the vicinity of Vicksburg?

Discussion in 'Central Mississippi' started by NRA_guy, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. NRA_guy

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    I kind of asked for these regional sections so we could figure out who our neighbors on MSGunOwners are so when we have local issues we can organize a bit.

    Also, in hopes that we could share information about local stores, local FFL dealers who will help with transfers, local politicians, local gun friendly (or unfriendly) places, local good (and bad) places to eat, etc.

    Of course, with the Central area stretching all the way across the state, folks in Meridian might not have much in common with those of us in Vicksburg on local issues.

    So, who else is in the vicinity of Vicksburg?
  2. Moose

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    I'm in Vicksburg

  3. Dukhntn

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  4. Glock45

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  5. wesm

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    Clinton here. Parents in Vicksburg, and I grew up there.

    That count? :wave:
  6. NRA_guy

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    Close enough. I just see so many thing for sale on the coast and near Tennessee "FTF only" and see some local issues in the news that sometimes I'd like to try to get some folks together on a subject---maybe a letter to the editor or to a local politician (rarely a group get together, but you never know).

    I may try to compile a list of email addresses of those who care.

  7. JasonMac

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  8. I'm off 22 above Bolton area, Vickburg isn't a long run for me. How's the small stores ammo supply over there? I've run into a couple of the Mom & Pops that have caches of ammo...
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  9. Travarmy

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    We have a small shop in Vicksburg. Can do transfers, but mostly focus on the HK market, suppressors and NFA items.

  10. msredneck

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    Clinton is close to Vicksburg aint it...I'll claim ya'll
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  11. tek500

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    I'm about 40 miles from Vburg. I can be there pretty quick.
  12. Curtdawg88

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    Born and raised and moved back to Vicksburg after college.
  13. chris_k

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    Natchez here, not too far. Got family in Vicksburg
  14. jsthntn247

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    You and I might be neighbors? I live on Cox Ferry Road. I travel to Vicksburg at least once a week. Anybody ever do any long range shooting for fun?
  15. gutdoc

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    Vicksburg, behind Openwood. BTW 4H is trying to get shooting sports for the kids started. The county ext. agent called this week and needs a place to shoot. Any ideas or offers please shoot me a pm.
  16. Xd357

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    born and raised in vburg.
  17. steve2112

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    I work in Vicksburg and grew up in Natchez. That counts, right? :)
  18. NRA_guy

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    For sure.

    There's more of us than I thought.

    Thanks everybody for posting!
  19. Dukhntn

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    There are at least 3 more that I know of that live here that have not posted.