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Who uses Moly Bullets?

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I been looking around and keep seeing the Moly coated bullets. I have some 55gr Vmax Moly Coated but never shot them.

Anybody done their own test to see if it helps/hurts/ not worth it?
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half the info out there says it aint worth it the other half says they love it.. I think what stops some folks is the fear of melted moly lining their barrel
also TD was pretty hot item with long rangers.. nonnie i got a butt load of boron nitride i will give you if you wanna coat some bullets
nonnieselman said:
Whats TD? And i dunno what boron nitride is either haha. I have these cheap stevens 223 that i could try moly vs nonmoly in.

Is it good for a few fps and suppose to slicken up the barrel?
TD- Tungsten Disulfide- aka WS2
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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